Ron Christie and Ari Melber disagreed about President Bush's legacy this morning on MSNBC. Melber cautioned that Republicans needed to be "fair and consistent" in calling for prosecution of crimes committed by Gov. Blagojevich and also call for prosecutions for members of the Bush administration.

"I had the honor to work for the president and vice president. There was no criminal impropriety," Christie argued.

"The vice president, this week, said he would take any and all steps necessary to protect the American people and that's what the president sought to do. Unfortunately, I think the Democrats in Congress now are feeling emboldened and empowered and they think, "we can have a witch-hunt and go after the Republicans." President Bush -- his legacy will go down for seven years after 9/11 he took every step to protect the country and he did it well and did it legally."

This video is from, broadcast Dec. 23, 2008.

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