After sharing the hilarious Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America by the "Christian" Anti-Defamation Commission with you earlier in the week, it's only fair that I follow up with friend of your favorite neighborhood "vicious anti-Christian lesbian activist" and "lesbian blog-stremist" Peter LaBarbera's equally unhinged Top 10 list that focuses on why his readers should keep his tiny anti-gay effort afloat.

  1. President-elect Barack Obama’s support for radical, pro-homosexual federal “hate crimes” legislation. Will homosexuals rise to the top of the politically correct hierarchy of victims in the United States?  Will pastors who teach correctly from the Bible that homosexual behavior is sinful be brought up as “accomplices” if someone who attends their church attacks a homosexual? All crimes involve hate at some level and all Americans — including homosexuals — deserve equal protection under the law without regard to special criteria.
  2. Obama’s support for the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), which would use federal power to force businesses to support homosexuality and subsidize homosexual employees’ relationships regardless of their faith- or morality-based opposition to homosexual conduct. Why should homosexuality-based “rights” (mandates) take precedence over Americans’ historic religious and First Amendment liberties?
  3. Obama’s call to allow open homosexuality in the military — during wartime no less — and Obama’s promise to use the bully pulpit to advocate other pro-homosexual agenda goals such as homosexual adoption of children.  Will our Commander-in-Chief become the Gay-Propagandist-in-Chief? And what sort of homosexuality-affirming “Christianity” is Obama going to espouse (as he does in his book, Audacity of Hope)?
  4. Obama’s pledge to work for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996 and which protects states from being forced to recognize out-of-state “gay marriages.” Mr. Obama: please forget this radical promise and defend marriage as president if you truly believe that it should remain between a man and a woman!

The rest are below the fold.

 After reading a list like this, do you think the fundie wallets will open wide and give so that The Peter can attend IML and Folsom in 2009?

5. Obama’s support for a federal “civil unions” bill – essentially “gay marriage” by another name.  Honoring homosexual unions and rewarding them with government benefits only undermines genuine marriage in society.

6. Obama’s promise to sign the radical “Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would eviscerate pro-life reform laws
across the country that have helped save thousands of innocent unborn children’s lives.

7. The real possibility that the California Supreme Court will invalidate Proposition 8
– passed by the people of that state Nov. 4.  Do citizens’ votes count and do they have a right to stop liberal judges from imposing a radical redefinition of marriage by fiat?

8. Homosexual activists’ intolerance and anti-democratic behavior as exhibited following their loss on Prop 8 in California.
  If homosexual militants behave like this now – declaring their counterfeit “marriages” a “constitutional right” and demonizing religious opponents as “hate-filled bigots” analogous to the KKK — imagine the potential for abuse should they gain federal power through passage of federal hate crimes and employment legislation (ENDA).

9. The ongoing, aggressive lobbying by the Gender Confusion Movement.
Having learned well from their “gay’” allies, “transgender” activists seek to turn “gender nonconformity” into a legal civil right.  This would include the supposed “right” of a very young boy to come to school in a dress if he thinks he should be a girl.  (Now there’s an agenda item sure to be popular with most parents of school-age children….)  Memo to the Transgender Lobby: women do NOT want biologically-born men (wearing dresses and high heels) with male genitalia in their public restrooms—period.

10. The socially leftist media’s and Hollywood’s increasingly bold and arrogant promotion of all things “gay.”
  When it gets so bad that Newsweek magazine runs a cover story positing (out of nowhere) that the Bible supports homosexuality-based “marriage,” the media has lost all perspective on this issue.  They are taking their cues directly from the homosexual lobby — which means increasingly they will be demonizing people of faith as “haters.”  And then they wonder why newspaper and magazine sales are down.  AFTAH will continue to speak out against the media’s and Hollywood’s secular bigotry.

There are many more reasons to support AFTAH but all involve our unshakable commitment to you to defend the truth against the homosexual activist agenda — boldly and without apology. The main question on this issue should not be: “What’s wrong with gay marriage?” or “How does my ‘gay marriage’ affect you?” but rather: “Why are all relationships built around unnatural, changeable, immoral and often unhealthy homosexual behavior somehow deserving of taxpayer-subsidized government recognition?  Or perhaps: “Why is it wise for our government to elevate and reward natural marriage and the mom-and-dad-with-children family over destructive, unmarried and unnatural relationships?”