It's a brazen act of homophobia and it's completely legal. I am actually pleased the bigoted owner of the ARTE' Hotel dispensed with any other reasons for firing David Hill. It brings into stark relief how essential it is to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), since states where there are no discrimination protections leave LGBT employees at the mercy of people like the vile Tarun Surti.

A Tennessee man said Thursday that he was weighing his legal options after being fired from a Nashville-area hotel specifically for being gay.

"They literally said to me that because of my orientation and my 'alternative lifestyle' that I was not a fit for the hotel," said David Hill, formerly the director of human resources for the former Brentwood Holiday Inn (currently doing business as ARTE' Hotel, with no connection to the Holiday Inn chain). "[Tarun Surti, the hotel's owner] said, 'I don't give a damn. They can sue me. I will not have any of 'the gay leadership role' in my hotel.' And that's a quote."

Mr. Hill has filed complaints with the EEOC and Department of Labor, and is currently in talks with the ACLU, Tennessee Equality Project and the Tennessee Labor Board about pursuing legal action.

"The owner, Mr. Surti, comes from a culture that is not very tolerant to the gay lifestyle," added assistant general manager Leonard Stoddard, who was ordered to dismiss Hill, "and therefore he felt it necessary to have him removed from the workforce at the property."

Stoddard said that he disagreed with the decision to fire Hill because the company's handbook specifically says it doesn't discriminate based on sexual orientation. Of course that's not legally binding or enforceable in Tennessee should the powers that be at any company decides the homo must go. Below is video from WSMV-TV, via PageOneQ:

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I have never understood why holding employees accountable for their behavior is such a horrible thing. If someone smokes constantly, or is an alcoholic, or is covered with tattoos, or as a man wears dresses to work - I as an employer have a right to make a judgment on how my business is represented. Would a Christian bookstore owner now be required to hire a flamboyant homosexual because it's PC? This seems like insanity.

An employer ought to be allowed for hiring those whom are deemed good employees.

Sexual orientation shouldn’t be protected, so firing someone based on that should be perfectly legal.

And therein lies the problem with all this “gay” legislation. Whether or not this person was fired for that reason, he can claim it, and if he has Obama voting judge and jury, he’s screwed.

I eagerly await the time when the 1st state “just says no” to our congress and senate. What’ll our congress-zoo do? Withhold dollars worth about one penny (after a couple of years of Obamaloon rule)?

Sexual orientation is not a protected class. So what. This guy will end up being the poster boy for all those alphabet soup gay groups.

What about the millions of men who have been fired for not being “gay?”

A Gay HR Director? what a shock...

LOL, I thought the same thing. I wonder what attracts them to the position.

It almost is as shocking as a homeosexual social worker or light in the loafers nurse.