Fareed Zakaria joined Jon Stewart to talk about terrorism and conflict in the Middle East. Zakaria noted that most people accept the idea of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Zakaria said that president Bush was partially to blame for the lack of resolution.

"The odd thing is at some level there's greater agreement among all parties that a two-state solution is the way to go and it's the right one. You have a majority of Israelis in poll after poll show they accept a two-state solution. It wasn't true 20 years ago. A majority of palestinians, most time when you poll them, suggest a two-state solution is the way to go. A majority of the Arab regimes have accepted a two-state solution as long as there's a withdrawal to the 67 borders with some land swap. You have greater agreement than ever before, but on a practical level on the ground, it seems further away than ever before, and I do have to blame Bush for this, to a certain extent," said Zakaria.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Jan. 15, 2009.

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