When is the MSM going to pick up this story? It's beyond the business of one pathetic, disturbed hypocritical pastor and his out of control same-sex activities. Mike Signorile had Colorado Springs bail bondsman Bobby Brown on Friday's show and Brown has been investigating the cesspool of activity by Ted Haggard and members of New Life Church. The perversion at New Life Church is more lurid than ever thought.

Bobby Brown, reading from what he said was a detective’s affidavit, told me that the pastor, Stephen Evans, was convicted in 1999 of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy and admitted to molesting his own 14-year-old son and his own 15-year-old daughter, in a case that Brown says was somehow kept out of the media and has not been reported until now. Brown says that with the help and backing of New Life Church, Evans served no jail time at all, cutting a plea deal in which he’d agree to a “restoration” at the church – yes, just like the one that Ted Haggard went through to supposedly make him straight! – while serving five years on probation. It is likely that Ted Haggard, as senior pastor at the time, oversaw Evans’ restoration.

In 2001, for reasons that Brown doesn’t yet know, Evans’ probation was revoked. But rather than turn himself in, Evans apparently skipped the country, immediately becoming a wanted man, and apparently he is known to be in London. Brown believes New Life Church may have helped him leave the U.S., fearful that he might talk about the church.

I was able to independently confirm through the State of Colorado Court Database (there is a charge for searching, so the link will likely be dead or blocked) that indeed a Stephen Michael Evans was arrested and convicted in El Paso County (where Colorado Springs is located) in 1999 of sexual assault of a child under 15 and sentenced to five years probation. In the fall of 2001, the court records show, a warrant was issued for his arrest for “failure to comply” and indeed his probation was revoked.

Mike has clips up at his pad - 1) Brown discussing the additional cases of misconduct by Haggard that he has uncovered; and 2) "Bail bondsman Bobby Brown: A former pastor at New Life Church is a wanted convicted pedophile." Mike has partial transcripts up as well.

And Brown says the reason much of this hasn't come to light has been the power of New Life over law enforcement.

Brown said that it’s clear that local law enforcement has been intimidated by the New Life Church and by all the megachurches of Colorado Springs, which is like the Vatican of the evangelical movement. He noted that Ted Haggard continually bragged about how he had friends in the district attorney’s office and police department.