WBAY's Adam Aaro reported talked to a Wisconsin soldier who says he is refusing to return to Iraq on the grounds that is immoral. Christopher Walker has been a soldier with the Army since 2002. "Early this morning, I made a decision not to go back to Iraq," Walker told Aaro.

Walker sent a email to superiors letting them know his position. A spokesman for the Army said that was the wrong way to go about requesting a new unit. Walter said that he has attempted to follow the Army's regulations but the process hasn't worked. He realizes that his decision may result in repercussions. If he doesn't report within 30 days, a warrant will be issued for his arrest. "Obviously, there is a little bit of nervousness there because it's a very real possibility," said Walker. "But what are the consequences on the flip side, if I decide to go back to Iraq and do something that's immoral."

This video is from WBAY, broadcast Feb. 24, 2009.

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