A Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require workers applying for unemployment benefits be randomly tested for using drugs. Florida State Senator Mike Bennett told Fox's Steve Doocy that Florida is running out of unemployment money and wants to make sure that only those that are able to work get unemployment payments. "it was nothing against the people who were using the drugs," Bennett said.

Bill Piper with the Drug Policy Alliance thinks the bill is unfair to worker who have already paid into the system. "These are tough economic times. This is pretty cruel, and to require them to pay for the test themselves is even more cruel. It's pretty degrading, you have to urinate in front of another person. You have to disclose what prescription drugs you're on, you have to tell complete strangers if you're on birth control or viagra or if you're suffering from depression, and normal everyday Americans shouldn't have to go through that, and these people have already paid in through the unemployment system, they've been working hard, and it's unfair to throw another hurdle," said Piper.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast Mar. 16, 2009.

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