Michelle Malkin told Fox's Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade that she feared a bailout of newspapers would lead to government control of the news.

"Doesn't it go against the grain of just common sense? Because already newspapers we all know slant one direction or the other and that's supposedly the free press already," asked Carlson.

Malkin agreed. "In some ways it would only make formal a relationship that many mainstream mainstream national newspapers have with the government," she said.

Kilmeade was concerned that the government would force newspapers to fire reporters that reported negative stories. "You can imagine if people started writing things, let's say against Barack Obama's budget, reporting what the general public might be against certain provisions like nationalized health care. Now, if the government fueled or funded that newspaper that provided a column that had too many quotes of people who are outraged, let's say, by nationalized health care, what's going to happen to that paper and that writer the next day?" Kilmead asked.

Not surprisingly, Malkin again agreeed. "I think what this raises is the desperation of a monopoly that has dominated the media landscape for too long and has really gotten threatened by competition from news new media alternative sources like Fox news."

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast Mar. 26, 2009.