Karl Rove blamed Louisiana's former Democratic Governor for failures during Katrina and absolved the Bush Administration. "The government official who was responsible for managing Katrina under the Stafford Act was the governor of Louisiana and she lost office in large measure due to the poor quality of her performance," Rove said.

Katrina vanden Heuvel saw a failure in the Bush administration's handling of Katrina. "I think many thought that Katrina was the bookend to Iraq," vanden Heuvel said. "That's when millions of Americans, left or right, woke up to the incompetence of an administration that had worked hard to diminish government as a force for good."

"With all due respect, the federal government's responsibilities were met under Katrina which were to provide the immediate assistance, to pluck people off of the roofs," said Rove.

Rove made the comments during an webcast on ABCNews.com.

This video is from ABCNews.com, broadcast Mar. 1, 2009.

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