David Letterman is having his own pundit war.

"I think of you as a goon," Letterman point-blank told O'Reilly on Tuesday night's show. Then, holding up the cover of O'Reilly's book, "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity," which has a photo of O'Reilly as a boy, Letterman quipped, "I look at that and I see this sweet, adorable kid... I have a sweet adorable kid and I wonder, 'What if he too becomes a goon?'"

O'Reilly also revealed that former Vice President Dick Cheney refused to come on his program, adding that he doesn't like Cheney: "We asked him a million times... he wouldn't come on."

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This video is from CBS' The Late Show with David Letterman, broadcast Mar. 31, 2009.

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