Jon Stewart looks at how conservative politicians and pundits are reacting to release of four Office of Legal Council Memos that explained the use of torture on detainees under President Bush. Stewart notes that some pundits are disturbed more by then the release of the memos than by the fact that torture was used. "Apparently, everyone is not upset about the fact that we torture. They are upset about the fact that we now know about it," said Stewart.

Wall Street Journalist Columnist Peggy Noonan doesn't think the memos should have been released at all. "It's hard for me to look at a great nation issuing these documents and sending them out to the world and thinking, 'Oh, much good will come of that.' Sometimes in life you want to keep walking... Some of life has to be mysterious," Noonan told a panel on ABC's This Week.

"Just keep walking," mocked Stewart. Did Noonan also think we should "keep walking" past "slavery, genocide," suggested Stewart. The comedian had one final suggestion for Noonan as she strolled passed crimes of torture. "You know what else you want to do when you are walking, you might want to do this," Stewart said as he stuck his fingers in his ears. "Because the screams of torture might get loud," he explained.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Apr. 20, 2009.

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