This week Sean Hannity tried to use a graphic to illustrate that President Obama is shifting the tenants of American freedom towards socialism. In Hannity's description, the fruits on the "Tree of Liberty" were being harvested by Obama into a bushel of "socialism."

Stephen Colbert offered a hilarious dissection of Hannity's ludicrous metaphor. "I have to admit Sean scooped me here. I was all ready to unveil my own visual allegory for America: The Freedom Fungus, which of course is constantly under attack by the Tinactin of Tyranny," joked Colbert.

Colbert noted that Hannity's "Liberty Tree" was built on a root of liberty. "It's like building a stadium on a foundation of concrete, steel and another stadium," explained Colbert.

But Hannity's metaphor continued. "On our liberty tree: industry, commerce and security are all represented as apples. It's those apples -- the fruits of our liberty -- that this administration is now picking clean," said Hannity.

"And don't get him started on the Pomegranate of Reverse Discrimination," quipped Colbert.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report , broadcast May 7, 2009.

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