Officer Omar J. Edwards was shot and killed by officer Andrew Dunton Thursday night. Commissioner Ray Kelly said that Dunton had mistaken Edwards for a suspect.

CBS 2 has more details here:

But Rev. Al Sharpton issued a statement Friday morning questioning whether the police department could investigate themselves "fairly and impartially." Sharpton also expressed concern of a "growing pattern of black officers being killed" by fellow white officers.

"National Action Network and I are completely concerned of a growing pattern of Black officers being killed with the assumption that they are the criminals. Just last year, we were involved in the case of Christopher Ridley in Mt. Vernon, killed in similar circumstances by another officer."

"This calls for federal investigation and intervention to sort out the facts and bring about a just resolve. Can police investigate themselves fairly and impartially? It would seem very difficult at best and unlikely in fact."

This video is from CBS 2, broadcast May 29, 2009.

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