Senator Macropod prepares to bend Democrats to his will yet again

As so often happens, Harry Reid is my reminder:

President Barack Obama's promise to close the Guantanamo Bay prison suffered a blow Tuesday when his allies in the Senate said they would refuse to finance the move until the administration delivers a satisfactory plan for what to do with the detainees there...While allies such as No. 2 Senate Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois cast the development as a delay of only a few months, other Democrats have made it plain they don't want any of Guantanamo's detainees sent to the United States to stand trial or serve prison sentences.

"We don't want them around," said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

From the transcript:

REID: Well, the decision to close Guantanamo was a right one.

I agree with President Bush. I agree with John McCain . I agree with Barack Obama . Guantanamo makes us less save [sic].

However, this is neither the time nor the bill to deal with this. Democrats under no circumstances will move forward without a comprehensive, responsible plan from the president. We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States...

If people are -- if terrorists are released in the United States, part of what we don’t want is them be put in prisons in the United States. We don’t want them around the United States.

I'm not just casting around for excuses for the party as a whole, but Reid sounds fucking confused. If Obama doesn't have a sensible plan, whatever. The bill itself was written to not release the money until a plan was approved. Moreover, in trying to justify himself, Reid sounds like he doesn't actually know what his opinion was. It's not often you get to hear a Senator triangulate in real-time. Later, his spokesman clarified what Reid meant to mean:

"He's not going to do anything until we get a plan from the president." [Reid spokesman] Manley said. He said "the leader is leaving the door open to detainees being transferred to American prisons, should the administration put forward a plan to do so."

Damn, Reid is just a disaster. No matter what his intentions were, he's providing political cover for DINOs like Jim Webb:

We've spent hundreds of millions of dollars building an appropriate facility with all security precautions in Guantanamo to try these cases. There are cases against international law. These aren't people who were in the United States committing a crime in the United States. These are people who were brought to Guantanamo for international terrorism*. I do not believe they should be tried in the United States.

From the Fox News article, Webb sounds awfully familiar:

"We shouldn't be creating artificial timelines," Webb said.

Hey! He stole Republicans' catchphrase! Man, they're gonna be pissed.

I don't even know what to do with all this. At this point, we could give them 99 Senators and the sole Republican Senator could be a wallaby openly taking bribes from the tobacco industry**, and Dems would still be "sick of getting walloped by Republicans over...phony, made-up issue[s]***."

Seriously, Dems? You're supposed to be doing the walloping. It's not a made-up issue, it's a central promise made by your President. Get your shit together.

(h/t Darcy.)


* Yanno.

** I promise I thought of the analogy first, then found the picture. Well, sort of. Originally it was a wallaby smoking a corncob pipe, but damn, I'm still pretty good.

*** Somebody totally said that.