Completely non-political and genuinely eating at me this morning. I don't know why, but hear me out...

While getting ready for work in the AM, the TV is usually on and I can hear it from the bathroom. I don't know what channel it was on (this time it may have been on NBC or CNN, and the host was discussing the story of a woman who gave birth to twins, each by a different father.

Of course they had some medical expert on to explain how this rare event could occur (two separate eggs were released and she had sex with two different men -- pretty elementary, but whatever), but then the conversation turned bizarre in the extreme.

The female host then asks the dumbest question I've ever heard -- "Do you think these two babies will have the same emotional bond as regular fraternal twins?"

WTF -- not identical, mind you, but as fraternal twins. The medical expert kindly didn't point out the ridiculous question and simply answered that they would know each other just as any pair of siblings. Oh, god. I don't know which is worse, the thought that the host needed to ask a question that basic, thinking the audience is that clueless, or that the host herself is that out to lunch.