People in the Lone Star State are tired of the bible beating flat-earth set trying to slip "intelligent design" into the public schools. One big proponent of this kind of misinformation, Republican Don McLeroy, saw his nomination by Rick Perry to head up the Texas State Board of Ed drop-kicked by the state Senate. (Dallas Morning News):

The Senate rejected Republican Don McLeroy's nomination as chairman of the State Board of Education on Thursday after Democrats decried his lack of leadership and "endless culture wars" over evolution and other volatile topics.

...Several Democrats cited the recurring divisiveness on the board with McLeroy at the helm, along with his resistance to the views of educators and education experts on curriculum and other matters.

Gov. Rick Perry, who nominated McLeroy, will now have to select another member of the board to serve as chairman.

...In an hourlong debate on the nomination, Senate Democratic leader Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio said that under McLeroy's leadership, the State Board of Education has become a "laughingstock of the nation" with its battles over evolution, sex education and other issues.

"His actions and leadership have caused the board to be extremely dysfunctional, and that has harmed the 4.7 million schoolchildren of Texas," she said. Van de Putte added that McLeroy has "recklessly disregarded the advice" of education experts.

The Republicans countered with reasoning that only affirms why someone like McLeroy has no business in the field of public education. One defender, Sen. Steve Ogden said this:
"If we vote against Dr. McLeroy, the perception among many Texans will be that if you are a conservative and believe in the infallibility and literacy of the Bible, there is no need to apply to be on the State Board of Education."
You've got to be kidding me. Is this a serious statement? No one cares what McLeroy's personal beliefs are; he just cannot impose his religious view of the world upon the young people going through the Texas school system. One can only conclude that Sen. Ogden believes he also was elected to vote based his the infallibility of the Bible. The Texas GOP is obviously infested with a severe case of wingnuttery that needs to be healed.