In case regular readers haven't noticed, I like the band Devo.

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My friend that I went to San Diego with to see Devo play a horse track (which is so devo) and who was also with me and Marc to see them play SXSW, well, he convinced me to go to England with him to see them play at another installment of the ongoing concert series All Tomorrow's Parties. Now Naomi Wolf can really feel justified in hinting that "young" feminists of 31 are unserious people who spend their time hanging out with Austin hipsters at three day concerts.

This is cool on many levels, including one I just thought of yesterday as I was listening to "Sound Opinions", and the hosts were talking about how hard it was for so long to get any albums from the Velvet Underground at all. And now there's a concert series named after one of their songs. A small but satisfying justice.

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So, we've been planning this trip for over 6 months now, and tomorrow I'm leaving boyfriend and cats behind, and we're going to fly out to London to meet two more friends, and then we're going out to the coast to spend three days at this concert. And then we're going back to London, and because we bothered to spend the money to get over there, we're going to go to Paris for a few more days. This will end up being the longest trip I've taken, possibly ever---11 whole days. It's a little crazy, but as Marc said to me, what exactly is the point if you don't do stuff like this when you get the opportunity?

I have no idea how much access I'll have to internet from tomorrow until I'm back on May 18th. I'm assuming some hotels we're staying at will have some, but even so, I imagine blogging will be sporadic at best. I will try, depending. I certainly don't want to punk out entirely on sharing new music that we learn about at ATP, so I'll be taking notes and trying to share some discoveries. The good news is that Jesse's semester happens to be ending right as I'm leaving, and I'm sure he's aching to use his newly discovered free time towards more blogging, since that's what he told me.

Pandagonians, I now beseech you: Tell me what my friend and I can do in London and Paris that is hip and awesome and not necessarily the same tourist stuff (though we're dorks and will be doing some of that, too). We're music geeks, so leads in that direction are especially appreciated (both stores and clubs), but we also like to eat. I know, scandalous. I've never been to France, and I don't speak French (I know, scandalous), but I want to make nice with our socialist surrender monkey friends who just happen to know how to pronounce my name correctly. So tips on how to make that work are much appreciated.