CNN's Heidi Collins talked with Suzanne Simons, author of the new book "Master of War: Blackwater's Erik Prince and the Global Business of War." Simmons was able to get inside Blackwater to examine why the U.S. government finds military contractors so necessary.

"According to the Department of Defense, there are some 68,000 contractors in Afghanistan today and more than 132,000 in Iraq. But those numbers aren't an accurate reflection of the total number of contractors because they don't include those working for other government agencies such as the Department of State," CNN reported.

"I was shocked. When I was up at the State Department doing interviews there to hear that the State Department would not carry out diplomatic functions in Iraq without this one company and my big question was how was it possible the United States government becomes so dependent on one company," said Simons. "If they are so terrible, why are they still there? That's a whole other question I try to answer in the book."

This video is from CNN's Newsroom, broadcast June 23, 2009.

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