After a week of reading wingnuts go into faux conniptions about the horror of feminists who are too occupied with domestic terrorism and real assaults on women's rights to care about real issues, such as someone said something nasty about Michelle Malkin---something that is fine and downright clever when said about women who are ass-sucking anti-feminists, but of course is a grave violation of the foundation of feminism when said about a woman who hates other women---I thought it would be nice to honor the new levels of bad faith reached by wingnuts with a Friday Genius Ten. Look, we know and they know that they don't actually mean a single word when condemning rape jokes or objectification, and we know and they know that they can barely bring themselves to type the words "strong woman" without breaking into giggles over how this is going to get the feminists this time. It's hard to pick a favorite show of bad faith, but I have special affection for Don Surber claiming that "the left" is a hotbed of misogyny. He knows and we know he's lying, especially since he once called me mentally ill for not only refusing to call myself ugly, but also refusing to flip around, being a big drama queen about how much I hate myself.*

So thanks, wingnuts, for once again showing that you're so full of shit you can't even pretend to believe what you say. This Genius ten is for you. (As usual, Pandagonians, feel free to share yours in comments.)

Original song: "No Faith" by the Suburban Studs

Not just the title, but they lyrics this week: "Why should I listen to you/When I can't believe a word you say is true/You're a liar!/I've got no faith in you."

1) "Chinese Rocks"---Johnny Thunders

2) "Mongoloid"---Devo

3) "I Can't Stand My Baby"---The Rezillos

4) "Nervous Breakdown"---Black Flag

5) "Hersham Boys"---Sham 69

6) "Gloria"---Patti Smith

7) "We're Desperate"---X

8) "Academy Fight Song"---Mission of Burma

9) "Gary Gilmore's Eyes"---The Adverts

10) "Suburban Home"---The Descendents

More videos below the fold. Plus, to break things up a little, an entirely different animal picture.

The Rezillos:

The Adverts:

And for the conservative ladies---enjoy your usefulness as a political football! It'll lift you up in the hard time when you remember that your male comrades pretended to be upset over sexism on your behalf. It's almost as fun as when a guy buys you a drink, and you drink it nervously, because you know when you shoot down his advances, he'll be angry.** But live for the moment, ladies, and this one is for you:

This week's picture is going up because it's kind of cute, in a gross way, but also because I've never seen anything quite like it in 31 years of living in Texas. Sure, I've seen a lot of armadillos, but they seem to be loners. But while walking through the Zilker Botanical Gardens last weekend, we saw three at once, in the middle of the day, snuffling around for some slugs to eat.

They were small, so we assumed it was a litter of young ones that hadn't yet gone their separate ways.

*I ran a "what celebrity do you look like?" software that matches your face to a celebrities on a bunch of different people who'd written for Pandagon over the years. It claimed that I looked like, depending on the picture, Shannon Elizabeth or George Harrison. I found this funny and posted it (along with the other Pandagon faces), making no claims to being a great beauty like George Harrison. Alas, because I didn't tear myself to shreds, either, Surber put up the face-by-face photo of me and Shannon Elizabeth and declared this evidence that I was mentally ill. Incredibly low self-esteem causing depression that may require hospitalization is the bare minimum for mental health for the ladies, I suppose, which makes Surber's lip-smacking about "strong women" all the more hysterical.

**Never admit, however, that a man hit on you. Assume he was mistaken and forgot his glasses, or Don Surber will yellow card you for insufficient self-hatred.