Black residents of a Tennessee town say KKK members have broken the law by targeting them with hate-filled flyers.

WJHL reported:

People who live in Greeneville’s Meadowlark Subdivision say white supremacists are singling them out. Several homeowners in the mostly black neighborhood say earlier this month, in the middle of the night, the Ku Klux Klan dropped off hate mail in their front yards. They say they found about two-dozen KKK flyers along Benbow Road and Outer Drive.

The two different flyers are titled “Wake Up White America & Take A Stand” and “10 Steps To A Better America.“ The flyers denounce interracial marriage and homosexuality among other things. The literature also calls for a secure future for the KKK’s “White Christian Children.“

“The Devil is busy and (the KKK) talk about being Christians, how can you say you’re a Christian displaying all this hatred,“ homeowner Leroy Ripley wondered.

Still, the Greeneville Police Department says the people responsible for the flyers may not be guilty of any crime.

“The only actual crime that occurred in this situation would be possibly littering,“ Greeneville Capt. Terry Webb said.

Webb says investigators alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to the nature of the flyers, but says it would be difficult to prosecute the KKK since its members were practicing free speech.

CNN's Kyra Philips was outraged. "Littering, are you kidding me? Here we are in 2009. We have a black president, gay leaders, successful interracial marriages. We have come a long way, folks. Still, in this country, you can spew hate, make innocent black residents fearful to come out their doors and all these punks get busted for is littering."

This video is from CNN's Newsroom, broadcast June 25, 2009.

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