Prince George's County DA is considering charging an officer after dashcam video show the officer punching a suspect that was hesitant to get out of his car during a traffic stop.

The Washington Post reported:

Prince George's County police are reviewing the actions of an officer who arrested a motorist on charges of slugging and tackling him during a traffic stop in Hyattsville. A police video of the encounter last year shows the officer yanking the man out of his car, slugging him twice and tackling him.

"Step out of the car now, or I'll have you out of the car," Cpl. Steven Jackson says after the motorist does not comply with three rapid-fire demands to exit the car.

"You yelling, but you have to give me a reason to step out of the car," Shawn M. Leake, 24, replies.

Jackson opens the driver's side door and pulls Leake out of the car. Almost immediately, Jackson makes a fist and slugs Leake in the face, then quickly slugs him again in the face, the video shows. Leake does not hit or appear to try to punch Jackson.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly talked with defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh and Fox News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin about the case.

This video is from Fox News' America's Newsroom, broadcast July 1, 2009.

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