David Letterman began his Wednesday night show with jokes about Alaska's soon-to-be-former Governor. "[Palin announced] she's stepping down. Then the next day there was footage of her -- she went fishing. I thought, that's good. Here's the point. Is it just me or is anybody else here having naughty thoughts about Sarah Palin in those waders?" snarked Lettermen.

Letterman issued a preemptive apology. "All right. I'm just apologize for that right now. Sorry," he said. Letterman had issued apologies on several other occasions for joking about Palin's daughter.

A small number of protesters had called for Letterman's ouster in June. Paul Schaffer suggested that the protesters would be back after Letterman's latest round of criticisms of the Alaska Governor. "They're out there. Demonstrating across the street," joked Schaffer.

This video is from CBS' Late Night with David Letterman, broadcast July 8, 2009.

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