Chaired by Mother Schlafly, Eagle Forum, Janet Folger Porter, Faith2Action; Host Committee: Don Wildmon, American Family Association, Dick Bott, Bott Radio Network, Michael Farris, Home School Legal Defense Association, Phillip Jauregui, Judicial Action Group, Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel, Rick Scarborough, Vision America, Rick Green, Wallbuilders, Don Feder, World Congress of Families, Joseph Farah, WorldNetDailyIf you are in the St. Louis, MO area on September 25-26, you can stop by the St. Louis Frontenac Hilton and join some luminaries of the far-right fundamentalist conservative agenda at "How to Take Back America." Take a look at the "co-chairmen" and host committee; with Phyllis Schlafly and Janet Folger Porter helming this motherlode of bible-based, flat-earth, non-reality-based thinking, it is surely going to produce entertainment of the highest order.

That said, this is planned as a wound-licking session for a movement rejected in the last election cycle, so now it is in regroup and heal mode.

The organizers of this conferece are asking folks to let them know which workshops they are most interested in. Taking a look at the prospects, below (and you can surf over to vote!), one can observe that: 1) a good number of these fundies and wingnuts haven't a clue about the Internets, and 2) the level of paranoia and fear of education, women and homos hasn't died down one iota.

Becoming a more effective activist

  • How conservative activists can use media techniques
  • How to use the media to take back America
  • How to lobby Legislators
  • How to make a three minute speech
  • How to recruit candidates and run for office
  • How to “Market”, “Frame”, and “spin” your issue

Building a grassroots movement

  • How to build a grassroots movement
  • How to organize your precinct, a meeting, a House Meeting and a rally
  • How to make your state political convention a grassroots event
  • How to run a grassroots campaign
  • How to activate people in your church

Constitutional issues

  • How to defeat a Con Con and a National Popular Vote
  • How to keep ERA permanently dead
  • How to deal with the supremacist judiciary

Economic Issues

  • How to stop entry of illegal drugs and people
  • How to stop what isn’t free in free trade
  • How to keep global warming from leading to global government
  • How to stop spending that causes trillions of $ of debt

Education Issues

  • How to protect parents rights against UN treaties
  • How to protect parents rights against “village” advocates, schools, and family courts
  • How to teach criticisms of evolution
  • How and why to encourage homeschooling

Foreign Policy Issues

  • How to defend America vs. missile attack
  • How to defeat attacks on sovereignty by UN treaties

Social Issues

  • How to defend traditional marriage and DOMA
  • How to pass effective pro-life bills and avoid pro-life defeats
  • How to defend against gay attacks on marriage and religious speech
  • How to stop feminist and gay attacks on the military

Using 21st Century technology

  • How to use the Internet effectively: Internet 101
  • How to organize your community on the Internet
  • How to promote conservatism online

Also, the “How to Take Back America” conference has just announced a very special speaker:

Michele Bachmann Confirmed!

Rep. Michele Bachmann will be our luncheon speaker on Saturday, Sept. 26. Rep. Bachmann is one of the few courageous conservative leaders of our day. From fighting wasteful spending to exposing ACORN, Rep. Bachmann is a tireless in her efforts to protect our freedoms.

Kyle at Right Wing Watch aptly noted that "[It] is being hosted by at least three bona fide Birthers: Janet Porter, Joseph Farah, and Rick Scarborough" and that another special guest, probable 2012 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, has no problem hanging out with this fringe crowd:

Just about every insane right-wing conspiracy theory currently in circulation has been embraced by one or more of the organizers of this event, all of whom have actively worked to spread the fear that Obama and the Democrats are out to destroy Christianity and turn America into a socialist hellhole.

And Mike Huckabee, instead of trying to distance himself from the lunacy of his former supporters, openly and willingly continues to associate with them.