I'm on a hair trigger these days about health care reform, which is why I was all ready to heap mountains of derision on Obama's personal physician when I read this headline:

Obama's former doctor critical of White House health care plan

Agh! I thought. Another AMA jackass more concerned about his own bottom line and the malpractice myth than his patients' well-being!

Well, no.

Scheiner thinks the president's plan doesn't go far enough.

"If I had to say the single one thing worst part of it is, that private insurers continue to be a part of the health scheme," he said. "Everybody keeps saying we don't want the government involved in health care. But the government is involved in Medicare, and it works."

Of course, this being CNN, that hand isn't tipped until five (short) paragraphs in. It's not the most egregious lede-burying I've ever seen, but I'm not in the mood for "teased ya again" media games about this. Dr. Scheiner wants single payer, and he wants it bad.

He and other doctors who support a single-payer system are gathering in Washington to meet with lawmakers and rally supporters.

He may not be the president's doctor anymore, but Scheiner says he's trying to save the patient before it's too late.

More power to you, Dr. Scheiner, but I'm not holding my breath. That can lead to hypoxia, and another copay.