Today Kate and I attended the sneak preview of the new Dinosaur Trail at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. You might recall that I recently blogged about the last remaining dinosaur (R) on the late 1960s-era trail -- a "brontosaurus" -- was vandalized, its head decapitated and stolen. It was later recovered and there is a campaign to restore it up on Facebook, "Save Durham's Brontosaurus."

A couple of weeks ago, Beck Tench, who handles the Twitter account (lifeandscience, #dinotour and #dinotrail) at the Museum of Life and Science, sent out invitations to members, area bloggers and Twitter folks to visit the exhibit to get a peek at this work in progress. We were encouraged to take photos and video and contribute to the Museum's Flickr pool. Today's festivities for the new trail were a delight. The  place was packed despite classic NC hot, very humid weather. Some of the absent  dinos had cute cardboard cutouts where the real deal will be set in place by  opening day on July 25.

Here's the Flikr photo album.

No, lol, there weren't any creationist displays of man riding a dinosaur, thank Jeebus.


* Faggoty-Ass Faggot's field trip to the Creation Museum