Reader Herb sent one in that I couldn't overlook -- it shows you how pathetic Concerned Women for America is. During Bob Knight's reign, there was reliably entertaining batsh*ttery up there, but it's currently a bore-fest.

However, I didn't realize it had fallen so far down on the anti-gay job that it is pulling out the hoary stereotype of sports turning your daughter into a lesbian. This a laugh-out-loud cry of a movement in a death spiral.

God's Girls in Sports

With the advent of Title Nine, girls have more opportunities than ever to participate in sports. While the social, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of sports are frequently discussed, Coach and mom Holly Page says there are also pitfalls that are too often overlooked. In her book God's Girls in Sports, Holly discusses hard issues like demanding training schedules that compete with family and church time, male-oriented coaching styles that force more masculine behaviors on girls without meeting girls' needs for relationships, the quest for scholarships, and lesbianism in college-level sports. She also talks about when it may be time to quit. Holly discusses these issues with CWA Policy Analyst Martha Kleder, as well as other ways parents can help their daughters maintain a life balance and get the most out of sports, without sports getting the best of them.

The audio is here.