Last night, we ended up skipping Clinton's speech and going to the Warhol Museum party before the crowd came, and thank god, because they closed the exhibits somewhat early, and if we hadn't done that, we wouldn't have seen the amazing Velvet Underground exhibit. It was a room with couches and the VU blaring and videos of them in the Warhol era projected on the walls. So very cool. Obviously, this means I'll have to do a Genius mix off the Velvet Underground. Leave yours in comments.

Original song: "I'm Waiting For The Man" by the Velvet Underground.

[youtube expand=1]

1) "Gloria"---Patti Smith

2) "She's Lost Control"---Joy Division

3) "White Riot"---The Clash

4) "Jesus, Etc."---Wilco

5) "Alone Again, Or"---Love

6) "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"---The Ramones

7) "Jeepster"---T Rex

8) "Debaser"---The Pixies

9) "You're Gonna Miss Me"---The 13th Floor Elevators

10) "Perfect Day"---Lou Reed

Videos below the fold. [youtube expand=1]

[youtube expand=1]

This is just weird:

[youtube expand=1]