Have you made plans to attend or record this eye-opener? Caviezel's making a career out of playing JC.

Internationally renowned actor Jim Caviezel, whose portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ has impacted millions of viewers around the world, will make a special guest appearance at Trinity Broadcasting Network's Holy Land Experience August 29th.

Caviezel, who will be interviewed by TBN's Chief of Staff Paul Crouch Jr. for an upcoming TBN special, is appearing at HLE in conjunction with the September release of The Word of Promise, a dramatic audio Bible produced by Christian publisher Thomas Nelson. Caviezel provides the voice of Jesus on the New Testament portion of the project.

In addition, the 79-CD, 90-plus hour project features portrayals of other key Bible figures by some of Hollywood's biggest stars, including Richard Dreyfuss, Lou Gossett, Jr., Stacy Keach, John Rhys- Davies, Gary Sinise, Marisa Tomei, Jon Voight, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, John Schneider, Luke Perry, John Heard, Harry Hamlin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Joan Allen, Jason Alexander, and many, many others.

What is the Holy Land Experience ?

Holy Land Experience is an exclusive interactive theme park in Orlando, Florida that combines innovative music, drama, and historical exhibits to offer visitors a face to face encounter with the transforming truths of the Bible. Bringing together the sights, sounds, tastes, and feel of the Bible world, HLE is a uniquely educational and inspiring experience.

...Caviezel said the issue of truth was a key consideration in his decision to portray Jesus in The Passion as well as in The Word of Promise audio Bible. "Throughout my professional life, I have always been drawn to truth when selecting projects," he said. "In the Scripture I find truth that has long been a source of strength and constant inspiration."

He added that he hopes people will be transformed by the truth they encounter as they listen to The Word of Promise Bible. "People change so much when they know that they're loved," he said. "And I want them to know that they're loved when they hear this."

Visitors to Holy Land Experience are invited to join Jim Caviezel and Paul Crouch Jr. at the Temple Plaza on Saturday, August 29th, at 11:00 a.m.

This reminds me of the media coverage when JPII was on his death bed and Larry King was running out of things to say and guests to interview about JPII kicking the bucket. This was complete with Sanjay Gupta discussing the state of the Papal fluids. Anyway, King finally did a tease for the next night's show and said he was going to interview the actor who played Jesus, Jim Caviezel. From that post as we were watching:

CNN's coverage has been atrocious, fawning faux journalism. Wolf Blitzer was breathlessly and inappropriately failing to question the latest Vatican Press ReleaseTM that touted the Pope was conscious, serene, and "visually participating" in the day's Mass. Just moments before, the photogenic Dr. Sanjay was doing a sentence-by-sentence "medical interpretation" of the litany of ailments that would discount the Pope had the ability to participate in anything - high fever, organ failures, septic shock and non-existent blood pressure.

...OMFG. CNN is out of control. Kate and I are sitting here now (around 9PM) with CNN on in the background as I am typing this and Larry King just came on to say he's going to have Jim Caviezel on tonight. Of course, he just played Jesus for Mel Gibson, so I guess that would place him fewer degrees of separation from the Pope and thus a relevant guest.