Note to Kansas U.S. Representative Lynn Jenkins...

When you say something as ridiculous as this:

"Republicans are struggling right now to find the great white hope," Jenkins said. "I suggest to any of you who are concerned about that, who are Republican, there are some great young Republican minds in Washington."

An apology of this nature really doesn't help much.

"Obviously I was discussing the future of the Republican Party in response to a question about is there any hope for Republicans," Jenkins said. "I was explaining that there are some bright lights in the House, and I was unaware of any negative connotation. If I offended somebody, obviously I apologize."

BZZZZZT...FAIL-O-RAMA. That bit of jack*ssery only confirms you meant what you said the first time around -- and that you need a dunce cap. Is the world of the GOP so snow white that she had NO IDEA about the racial history of the phrase Great White Hope? Nevermind.

Actually, check out this irony over at DKos - the original Great White Hope, Jess Willard, who was picked to defeat the big black buck champion Jack Johnson (and lost), was born in Jenkins' district. 30 miles from where the not-so-enlighted Congresswoman grew up - St. Clere, Kansas. And not too far from Topeka, home of the Westboro Baptist Klan. ROTFLOL.