While Ann Althouse is certainly entitled to flip her shit over the fact that the Moderate Voice used the word "piss", this is just stupid:

If they are pushed to boycott, they will want to read the Mackey op-ed, and if they do that, they will see it is a brilliant and specific analysis that is stunningly better thought-out than what we are hearing from Obama and the Democrats.

As I pointed out, hell the fuck no. There's been a lot of reflexive Mackey-defending (CUZ LIBRULS DON'T LIKE IT!), but there is no way to say an eight-point plan that coherently lays out a method of increasingly healthcare costs while discouraging people from receiving healthcare is particularly "brilliant", unless you really, really like sick people coughing on your food.

Which I do.

If the point of healthcare reform from the conservative position is to drive down demand for healthcare services by making them more expensive to the consumer, I think that it Mackey's proposal is a particularly brilliant and specific way of accomplishing that. However, if the point of healthcare is not to get healthy, we should probably reframe the phrasing of their position to something more fitting, like "persistent illness maintenance" or "fucking you overology".