You think about the legacy of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who actually did something to strengthen the rights of minorities and the poor during his long tenure in the Senate. And then you have people like Glenn Beck, who is a pimple on the *ss of society, with raging hateful "fans" who show how resistant this country is to address its issues with race. It's all spilling out now...

Devona Walker  has some excellent news about race-baiting loudmouth Glenn Beck, who is "out of the office" for a while as the boycott against the commentator has resulted in an exodus of advertisers.

During Beck’s absence, the group behind the boycott increased corporate participation to 36. “There hasn't been an exodus of advertisers in response to an organized effort like this in decades,” James Rucker of said.

I suspect the reason this campaign was so successful is that reasonable people can see right through Beck’s thinly veiled contempt. They can see the level of racism and violence he incites. Based upon responses from the racist fringe in e-mails to me, it appears they can see it, too.

...The outcome of Beck’s constant, ultra right-wing and sometimes racist fear-mongering and race-baiting is that the racist fringe feel as if they have found a spokesman.

Heh -- she got a taste of Freeper swamp in her inbox. Look at this gem:

Didn't you know that having blacks boycott a business would be a welcome relief to the business owner? Who in hell wants them around? They're loud, crude, stupid, with I.Q.'s lower than any other race, and they have the most disgusting personalities ever.”

The writer eventually announced a white supremacist-backed counter boycott against companies who have pulled ads from Beck’s show. In his words, they will not allow leftist liberals and minorities of sub-par intelligence to “harm their commentator.”