'All political violence is committed by the left,' she says

Ann Coulter is at it again. In a discussion with Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera, the loud-mouthed conservative pundit defended protesters' rights to bring guns to events where President Barack Obama is speaking, positing that "all political violence is committed by the left."

"I believe it is absolutely, malignantly irresponsible to allow armed people, even if the local ordinance permits, anywhere near the President of the United States," Rivera declared. "I think they are slandering the second amendment to the constitution."

"All political violence is committed by the left in this country," Coulter remarked, adding wryly, "So you want these tea parties to be as safe as post offices and public schools, where people aren't allowed to be armed."

Rivera continued, "So you are saying you do not oppose people carrying guns within range of the President of the United States."

"More guns, less crime," Coulter replied.

Rivera asked, "So you believe that people should carry long guns with telescopic sights within range of the president of the United States? I think that's absolutely insane."

Coulter said that the portrayal of individuals at tea party protests being close to President Obama was falsely portrayed by the press, adding, "By the way, I'm more likely to be shot than the president."