Former CIA agent and known Pentagon propagandist told Fox's Brian Kilmeade that member of an ACLU initiative to defend Guantanamo Bay detainees that were torture should be jailed Thursday. The John Adams Project is defense teams assembled by the ACLU to assist detainees. Photos of CIA agents were shown to detainee to help determine which agents were complicit in illegal torture.

"[The DOJ] should move on these people so fast. Anyone who's part of this, the John Adams Project, those that came up with this idea, they should dismantle the program and put these people in jail," said Simmons.

Appearing on the Glenn Beck show, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano speculated that the defense team had not broken any laws. "If, for example, they got the names of CIA agents by luck or gossip or from public sources and then went out and took photos of those people in public places like Walmart or a restaurant, as offensive as that may be, it is not illegal," he said.

Napolitano continued, "If it was done not by an officer of the United States or done for some purpose other than harming the CIA agent, like, 'Did you ever see this man when you were in prison in egypt?' That is not a crime."

Simmons falsely suggested that the Justice Department would "stand idly by and allow this illegal outing of potentially covert CIA operatives." The Justice Department has initiated an investigation of the John Adams Project, according the The New York Times.

The Justice Department is investigating whether three military defense lawyers for detainees at the Guantánamo prison illegally showed their clients photographs of C.I.A. interrogators, two leaders of civilian legal groups that are working with the defense lawyers said Thursday.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation approached the three lawyers with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps nearly two weeks ago, said Anthony D. Romero, president of the American Civil Liberties Union, which is helping the military lawyers defend the detainees in military commissions.

The agents informed the uniformed lawyers of their right to remain silent, and then questioned them about whether they showed their clients pictures of Central Intelligence Agency officials — possibly including covert agents — that came from an “independent investigation” by the A.C.L.U. and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Mr. Romero said.

“This is a misguided effort, a diversion of investigative resources, and blatant effort to shut down the zealous defense of defendants at these sham proceedings at Guantánamo,” he said.

This video is from Fox News' Glenn Beck and Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Sept. 10, 2009.

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