Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took exception on Wednesday to the claim in Michael Moore's latest film that "capitalism is an evil and you cannot regulate evil."

"No, you can't regulate evil," Colbert acknowledged. "But I think I've got a way to chop it up, rebundle it, and sell it to Goldman Sachs."

Colbert then welcomed the "enemy of capitalism" himself to the show to talk about Capitalism: A Love Story.

Moore began by explaining the title of the film, saying, "The 'love story' applies to the wealthy, who love their money -- and of course they love our money too. ... They love all money, and they've tried to take as much of our money as they can."

"There can never be too much love," Colbert objected.

"It's not a democratic system," Moore retorted. "Capitalism is the enemy of democracy, because the people don't have a say in how this economy is run."

Colbert then raised the subject of the bailout, suggesting that "Wall Street was pissed off that they might get that three trillion dollars -- because it might come with strings attached. But they forgave Obama when he didn't add any." He noted that Moore is also a critic of Obama because "you think he's in the pocket of guys like Goldman Sachs."

"I point out in the film that Goldman Sachs is his number one private contributor," Moore agreed. "But I voted for the guy, I'm still hopeful that he's going to do the right things and side with us and not Wall Street. But the jury's out on that."

"You argue that things like Goldman Sachs have too much influence," Colbert went on. "Who then, Mr. Moore, do you think should have that kind of influence?"

"The people," Moore replied to loud applause. "The people of this country."

This video is from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Sept. 23, 2009.

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