No big theme today. Today's song to run the iTunes Genius function off of was picked simply because it came up on my random generator last night, and I love it. (Lauren from Feministe turned me onto this cover.) But it does suit the amount of rain we've had this week, because it's created a rather slow mix. Of course, all this rain has meant that it hasn't broken 90 all week, and just recently it was hitting 100 nearly every day, so it's more a blessing than anything. This has meant people have been exclaiming that they've been able to wear a) jeans b) long-sleeved but light shirts and c) sneakers with socks. Joy all around. Leave yours in comments!

Original song: "Thunder Road" by Tortoise and Bonnie "Prince" Billy (Bruce Springsteen cover)

1) "Hatchet"---Low

2) "Burned by the Christians"---Califone

3) "The Shape Is In A Trance"---Thurston Moore

4) "Do You Believe In Rapture?"---Sonic Youth (Genius is cheating.)

5) "Rebel Jew"---The Silver Jews

6) "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House"---Yo La Tengo

7) "The Perfect Me"---Deerhoof (where this starts to pick up)

8) "Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack"---The Liars

9) "Rise Above"---The Dirty Projectors

10) "War Is Dead"---David Pajo

Videos and cat pics below the fold.

Only one cat picture, but I think this one's adorable. I was sorting laundry, and made a pile of jeans and other stuff that doesn't go in the dryer, and Dusty immediately burrowed into it.