Bottom-feeding hero of the teabagging patriot set Glenn Beck has now resorted to pulling people who appear to be a few flapjacks short of a stack. Beck treats this man, who spouts conspiratorial gibberish to serve as some sort of "experts" on policy. I guess with all of his major advertisers leaving in droves, he might as well go hog wild with the loony Base.

On Fox News’ Glenn Beck, [Dallas-area pastor Stephen] Broden plugged a documentary, Maafa 21, that claims the pro-choice movement, and Planned Parenthood in particular, is part of a 150-year-old plot to exterminate the African-American race. “Slavery = Abortion = Genocide — that seems to be the message of this Life Dynamics documentary called Maafa 21,” the Right Wing Watch blog sums up.

“What’s going on in that documentary is what’s going to happen in the health care package,” Broden told Glenn Beck. “I believe what we’re seeing is an orchestrated attempt to radically change this country from what the founders had in mind,” Broden said. “There is a deliberate attempt on the part of Marxist, socialist and … Darwin atheists who are changing this country.”

“Beck wonders aloud whether Broden, who supported McCain during last year’s election, too has become a pariah. Certainly he can’t be called a racist, because he’s black, so what pejoratives does Broden face? The good pastor hasn’t the foggiest. He just hopes people call him a ‘patriot,’ a moniker Beck readily affixes.”

At this point the batsh*ttery is becoming surreal, a slow-mo train wreck of mental confusion, delusion and hilarity that says so much about the state of the fringe-right political movement in this country. Abroad they have to be laughing at us -- or crying.