I love Football365, and not just because they once published an essay of mine which got picked up elsewhere and made me a professional writer for the first time. Especially good is the Mediawatch section, and a recent item highlights the kind of joy they bring:

We're sure you've already read it, but if not, [John] Terry said: "I can speak about the England lads and the England team and it (diving) is something we don't do.

"I think sometimes we're too honest because sometimes, even in the Premiership, you see the English lads get a bit of contact and try and stay on their feet and try and score from the chance they've been given."

Sigh. Do we really need to do this? We do?

Click here and scroll down to see the long list of counter-examples.

Seriously, there's nothing funnier than anyone defending his countrymen against charges of diving, since it's so easily proven wrong and obvious.

That said, I do think the US players are far better than average. Cough.

Later in the same column:

'England must do it Chelsea style, says JT' - CityAM.

Yeah, nicking all the best young players from around the world would help, but we're not sure how it would work.

Unless JT just means that England aren't allowed to do transfers...

Hee hee.