ROTFLOL. In the you can't make this sh*t up category, Pink Visual owner Allison Vivas received a congratulatory fax from Newt Gingrich's American Solutions for Winning the Future (ASWF). What was unusual about this was that Pink Visual's business -- honored for stimulating the economy -- is a porno DVD superstore. Think Progress obtained a copy of the knee-slapping missive.

Newt would like to arrange a private dinner with you at the historic Capitol Hill Club on the evening of October 7, 2009 in Washington. You’ll dine privately with Newt at this exclusive venue and he’ll take the occasion to present you with your well deserved award and have your photo taken together.

This tremendous honor is a testament to your success in building your business and recognition of the risks you take to create jobs and stimulate the economy. As an award winner, you’ll be on the ground floor as Newt and his Council begin the work to turn this country around. … Newt is looking forward to hearing your ideas on getting the economy moving again and getting your feedback on his plans over dinner.

Heh heh heh. The crown prince of adultery will certainly be listening carefully. Oh wait -- maybe not -- when ASWF was alerted of the line of business Pink Visuals was in it retracted the award saying it inadvertently sent it to Vivas. She (and anyone with a synapse firing) called BS on that front.

Allison was disappointed to receive a call this morning from an ASWF representative stating that the fax had been sent to her ‘inadvertently,’” Boyer told “We’re not entirely clear on how one ‘inadvertently’ sends a fax to the right person at the correct fax number, so our sense is that this is damage control on the part of a group that is having second thoughts about either recognizing the excellent work of a porn company entrepreneur in light of their own conservative political and social orientation, or having second thoughts about their promotional methodology and communication protocols.”

Surf over and read more at TP, including Newt's commitment in 1995 to restrict access to pornography.