First of all, I'm guest blogging this week at Double X. We've given them a hard time for feminist baiting here and at other blogs, but they're giving this grumpy feminist full reign, so yea them! My first post is about the culture of driving kids to school (and friends' houses, soccer practice, or anywhere more than 10 feet away) that's developed, and why I'm suspicious that it's another one of those parental must-dos that prevents mothers from having full time employment. Comments are welcome; certainly the whole thing seemed to have caused a dust-up at Atrios's blog.

Hanna Rosin and Emily Bazelon respond. I certainly sympathize with the idea that it's hard to make your kids walk. But for a lot of mothers, they really don't have a choice, since employment is necessary, not optional. (I use my mother as an example---we walked to school a lot, and from school always, because she simply had to be at work from 8-5, often longer.)

Second of all, I'm happy to report on a Marcotte that kicks ass. In this case, John Marcotte, who is trying to get divorce banned in California, on the grounds that if we have to protect traditional marriage from gays, we sure as hell need to protect it from straights that are the ones currently ruining it.

If you want to support John's crusade for traditional marriage, please visit his site here.