UPDATE: We have a winner!! The $500 bailout will go to Raw Story reader Marilyn Kelson, the randomly drawn recipient who submitted the correct answers to the contest below. Marilyn will receive a $500 gift from the producers of Michael Moore's new movie, "Capitalism, A Love Story." Don't worry, if you didn't win this time: Raw Story will have more contests soon!

The correct answers were c, a, a. The original posting appears below.

The producers of Michael Moore's "Capitalism, A Love Story," have pledged to give a $500 prize to a Raw Story reader chosen at random who correctly answers the questions following the trailer to his film.

Send your correct answers -- letters only -- to publisher@rawstory.com by Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009, and you'll be entered. Please title your messages with the subject line "Capitalism Contest." Only entries with "Capitalism Contest" in the subject line will be read. One entry per IP address. Good luck!

1. In the trailer, who does Michael Moore want to arrest?

a. Bernie Madoff

b. George W Bush

c. The board of Directors of AIG

2. Who answers Michael Moore’s question “Where is our money?” with “I don’t know.”

a. Elizabeth Warren, Congressional Oversight Officer

b. Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman

c. Charlton Heston

3. At the end of the trailer, Michael Moore goes to get the “money back for the American people”. How much does he estimate “won’t fit in here”?

a. 10 Billion Dollars

b. 500 Million Dollars

c. 500 Dollars

You can also download the trailer in:

* Quicktime

* Windows: Media