"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and comedy legend Will Ferrell are meeting on the silver screen.

Okay -- not exactly. But they appear alongside Olivia Wilde of "House," Thomas Lennon of "Reno 911," Robert Ben Garant of "Reno 911," Masi Oka of "Heroes," Jordana Spiro of "My Boys," Linda Cardellini of "ER," and Donald Faison of "Scrubs" in the latest MoveOn.org salvo against the private health insurance industry in an ad mocking the private insurance companies' profits and CEO benefits.

Among the choice lines:

"If you spell something wrong, do you really deserve surgery? I don't think so."

"Health insurance companies are huge..."

"...They need to make big profits so they can afford to give their employees health insurance."

The clip follows.