A violent scuffle occurred in the street outside the Heene household when a neighbor became upset at the media presence.

Fox 31 reported:

The scene outside the Heene home turned into a chaotic one Sunday as a stranger pulled up in a vehicle, and confronted a FOX 31 crew that was covering the developments in the balloon story.

Witnesses say the man was shouting derogatory comments at the row of reporters outside the home when he got out and confronted FOX 31's Jon Bowman and one of our photojournalists.

"The next thing I know, he jumps out (and started saying) 'I got you now, I'm going to get you people out of the neighborhood,' and he comes up and grabs me by the collar," Jon Bowman said.

"You know, it was all I could do to just stand there and not do anything."

Bowman said it just got more bizarre from that point. As a large number of cameras recorded the event, you can see the man chase FOX 31 photojournalist Byron Stewart around the live truck.

A man in a yellow shirt, who is not related to FOX 31, then jumped on the man's back and a scuffle ensued. The man in the yellow shirt eventually got caught in a headlock and was being punched in the face repeatedly when others stepped-in and broke up the fight.

Shortly after that, police arrived. There have been no arrests so far, and no charges filed yet.

This video is from The Associated Press, broadcast Oct. 19, 2009.

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