Stories embellish themselves in their minds, and so it's inevitable. Which is why this is today's Genius original song. Leave your mix in comments. (The music starts about a minute in.)

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Original Song: "Fly Me Away" by Goldfrapp

1) "Destroy Everything You Touch"---Ladytron

2) "At the River"---Groove Armada

3) "Heartbeats"---The Knife

4) "Protection"---Massive Attack (! I love this song.)

5) "O Green World"---The Gorillaz

6) "Don't Stop"---Brazilian Girls

7) "Dancing With Myself"---Nouvelle Vague (Billy Idol cover)

8) "Notas"---Gotan Project

9) "Je Veux Te Voir"---Yelle

10) "Fuck the Pain Away"---Peaches

Videos below the fold. [youtube expand=1]

I always liked Massive Attack's first two albums, which which more more R&B and hip-hop influenced, and I'm not so fond of the industrial turn their sound took, particularly not that song "Teardrop".

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When it comes to playing "Fuck the Pain Away", there is only one video in my mind:

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