And another Republican will shoot from the womb (via TrueSlant)...

Mary Cheney, the former vice president’s daughter, and her long-time partner, Heather Poe, are expecting their second child, a source close to the family told True/Slant. [Ed. Note: Since publishing this piece, Cheney has confirmed that she and Poe are expecting their second child in mid- to late November.]

...Cheney, a lesbian, attracted much attention from the conservative movement when she announced she was pregnant with her first child in late 2006.

Well, the freepers didn't waste any time weighing in...

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There is something quite perverse about a society that allows avowed and unrepentant homosexuals to unnaturally take on children as playthings. What a tragedy it will be for these poor kids to be deprived a father figure from the day they were born. I respect Dick Cheney, but I don't understand why he is allowing his daughter to take innocent children into her lesbianic home. Can anyone claim that these kids won't be scarred for life? So sad.

Also repugnant, IMNSHO, is the use of “they are expecting a child” when, for obvious reasons “they” could not POSSIBLY have conceived. It is the slight of hand that the left does with rediculous name reversals (like “FAMILY PLANNING”) that implies something that in fact does just not happen...

"but I don't understand why he is allowing his daughter to take innocent children into her lesbianic home"

Since his daughter IS a grown adult, I doubt he has control over what she does, obviously.

It's not his decision since she's an emancipated adult. Mary Cheney is poorly exercising her free will which she will have to answer for one day.

Cheney has confirmed that she and Poe are expecting their second child.. their? I thought her ‘partner’ is a female? Two females can’t create a child.

When your kids become adults, there’s not one thing you can do about their choices. I don’t approve of these kids being deprived of a father in the home. I respect Cheney for not trashing his daughter in public. It wouldn’t do any good, and it would be a betrayal of sorts. As much as I don’t like it, God will have to sort this out in the end. Our society has gone to hell in a hand-basket, no doubt about that.

Actually I find this sort of thing 10 times more abhorrent then the so called "Gay Marriage" since these people are actually imposing their lifestyle on third parties. The whole thing gives me the creeps---test tube babies and all. Listened to a few priests in the last few months and I think they might be right--we are due anytime for a major @$$ kicking (chastisement).

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But I'm not sure I'd want to live in a society that restricted pregnancy to only those it deemed worthy of having children. I'm not even sure I'd want adoption restricted in that manner. In this brave new world of Obama-ism, I'd be afraid that people not unlike many of us who post here would be told they're neither permitted to procreate or to adopt. ::shudder::

Exactly. The media casually reports she is pregnant, yet these homosexual couples have to use a whole series of bizarre test tube procedures in order to obtain their human play toy. There is nothing natural or loving about it. There are thousands of crying infants waiting for adoption, yet these two lesbians prefer to ‘create’ and then damage a newborn by denying him or her a father.

Who is the father? Yes, you selfish lesbians, there is ALWAYS a father. Not that the baby will benefit from one. sick.

You are being very reckless from what I can tell. I think most of us agree that having gay parents is not ideal, but you are seriously impugning Mary Cheney's character here and I think what you are doing is really sh*tty. I could be wrong, but I'm sensing this is more an attack on the Cheneys than it is anything else.

It seems a common sense conclusion to me. Here you have two avowed and unrentant homosexuals who embrace that lifestyle. In other words it can’t be excused with “oh well, we’re all sinners.” These two are literally embracing the evil of a sexual deviancy. Then on top of it they bring two innocent babies into their home and instantly curse them with being fatherless for life. You have to ask yourself what is in it for the child to be fatherless versus what is in it for the two homosexuals to put these kids in a same-sex home. There is no other explanation than that these poor kids are being used to fill up some emptiness in the lives of the homosexuals - ie they are being used as playthings.

Is this worse then Laura Ingraham adopting a baby to be raised by a single woman with a full time, day job, not to mention regular night time interviews?

I know that the “horse is out of the barn” when it comes to the mom and dad and “traditional” families, but just because it is common in the world, doesn’t mean conservatives should jump into the decline of the American culture. The example of Murphy Brown should not be practiced by those who propose to defend Family values.

“I could be wrong, but I’m sensing this is more an attack on the Cheneys than it is anything else.”

Not at all. That is the first thing that homosexuals always use to defend their lifestyle (that they are being attacked). There is such a thing as loving the sinner, but hating the sin. I wish all the best to Mary Cheney and her female sex partner. But it is tragic that she insists on forcing young kids to be raised in a homosexual household. In all cases, the welfare of the kids should be first, no matter how powerful or well-connected you are. Talk to any child who has been denied a loving father and you will find out the pain she is causing these poor kids.

This should be made a criminal act- it is selfish and does emotional violence to the child.

I wonder if Hallmark makes a card for this occasion? Yathink? Congratulations on your baster bastard?