Today I asked my contributor Alvin McEwen, a Palmetto State LGBT activist, "what is going on in your state? Look at this latest political hot sex mess." His answer:

"I'm going to become an outcast from the SC lgbt community for revealing this but...we have been laughing our behinds off over this entire thing. It started with Sanford and it continues with this guy. We have been having a good time over all of this."

A former South Carolina legislator has been fired from the state attorney general's office after authorities say he was discovered in a cemetery with a teenage stripper during his lunch break.

Police reports released Wednesday said 66-year-old Roland Corning was stopped Monday after his car was spotted in an area police say is known for sex and drug use. According to the report, a Columbia police officer watched Corning drive into the Elmwood Cemetery at around 3:15pm Monday. When Corning spotted the patrol car, the report says he quickly drove off.

A visitor to the cemetery saw Corning's SUV speeding through the area, and police pulled him over a few blocks away. Police say an 18-year-old woman who works at the Platinum Plus strip club was with Corning. Corning and the woman gave police conflicting statements as to why they were at the cemetery and the nature of their relationship, the report said.

Police also found Viagra and sex toys that Corning said were there "just in case."

Additional info that shouldn't surprise:

He is a former state lawmaker from northeast Richland County and has been active in the state's Republican Party...Corning is perhaps best known in the House for his work on anti-abortion initiatives.

One person in the comments couldn't resist...

Advice to Mr Corning: cry in public about the 18 year old is the love of
your life,call yourself King David, separate from your wife and children,go
on a rotary club forgiveness tour, use your sex enhancement pill and toys
with your lover, have taxpayer foot the bill and then Voila you will be
reinstated with backpay. Good luck. When Sanfraud is removed,you should be
be fired. In the meantime,it is unlawful termination. Sanfraud has set the
new standard in South Carolina for b$$ty call on the job.