Fresh from a round of taking the fight to President Barack Obama, Saturday Night Live mocked conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Saturday's broadcast.

Comedian Bill Hader, reprising his role as Democratic Party strategist James Carville, told the SNL audience that Limbaugh is "mean and fat."

Responding to "Weekend Update" host Seth Myers' question about Limbaugh's declaration that Obama "sold out" America to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Hader as Carville said: "How does a fella like that have fans? Hey, you want to listen to this drug addict? Don't worry, he mean and fat."

Hader continued: "How you gonna call him Rush? I mean, that's a terrible name for a slow fat man, Seth. The only place he's rushing to is Quizno's, asking about free double meat and waving some coupon he made on a home computer. He should win the Nobel pizza pie!"

Hader's Carville congratulated the president for his Nobel win -- "Seems like everyone else forgot to say that. The man won a Nobel prize. That ain't his fault. I mean, when I play Monopoly and I win a beauty contest, people don't yell, 'Hey, you can't win that, crypt-keeper! You ugly!"

This video is from NBC's Saturday Night Live, broadcast Oct. 10, 2009.

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