Jon Stewart says that Sen. John Kerry must have bored Afghan President Hamid Karzai into accepting a runoff election. Late night comedians have often criticized Kerry's speaking style. Jay Leno once joked: "Kerry was here in Los Angeles. He was courting the Spanish vote by speaking Spanish. And he showed people he could be boring in two languages."

After the 2004 election, Leno hit Kerry for a comment he made about soldiers in Iraq. "John Kerry has apologized for saying those who do not study hard and do their homework will get stuck in Iraq. Now, those that do not campaign well and are boring, will end up stuck in the Senate," said Leno.

While Kerry was negotiating with Karzai in Iraq, former Vice President Dick Cheney was back in the U.S. seeming to author the conservative talking point that President Barack Obama was "dithering" on sending more troops to the war.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 27, 2009.