In an appearance Thursday night on CBS Late Night, Stephen Colbert told David Letterman that Barack Obama was the "Meryl Streep of presidents."

Both Colbert and Letterman agreed that aside from JFK most presidents have been decidedly "uncool."

"I'm not used to my president being cooler than I am," Colbert said.

The Globe and Mail reports that Colbert mentioned that he might attend the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver:

While appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman Thursday night, Mr. Colbert revealed that his show had paid “300,000 bones” to sponsor the U.S. speed skating team – he hastily added “dollars” to allay a disturbed look on Mr. Letterman's face – while raising $250,000 thus far from fans, his so-called Colbert Nation. (Asked how much he personally had given to the team, Mr. Colbert boldly declared: “Not a dime!”) Mr. Letterman asked him, at the end of the interview, whether he'd like to go to Vancouver in February and watch his U.S. team compete.

“I hope so,” Mr. Colbert replied matter-of-factly, the end of what could be considered out-of-character interview for the comedy host. After that, Mr. Letterman thanked him and cut to commercial.

The admission comes days after the City of Richmond offered Mr. Colbert a role as the ombudsman of the city-owned oval, ensuring fair access to ice time.

This video is from CBS' Late Night with David Letterman, broadcast Nov. 19, 2009.

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