In a video that recently surfaced, the Republican National Committee's director of new media said that Al Qaeda has the right idea for using the internet to achieve success.

"Part of media is video," Todd Herman said in an interview done while working for Microsoft. "Moving pictures and that way of telling stories has proven to be very compelling across the world, across cultures. Right? If Al Qaeda can disintermediate and go out and put video cameras in the hands of people who are sympathetic to that group, and get that stuff viewed and manipulate the media in that way, you would think that a fortune 500 company would be smart enough to know they could also do the same thing with a real positive, you know, way of communicating openly," he said.

Gawker notes that Herman has a point "and as the modern-day GOP is moving to an increasingly extreme position, perhaps not a bad analogy."

This video is from, broadcast Nov. 5, 2009.

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