Since I'm quite shortly going to stop living in Austin, TX---where I've lived longer than any other place in my life---I'm starting to get sentimental. So today's original song for the Genius Ten (leave yours in comments) is from one of the great Austin 80s punk bands, the Big Boys.

Original song: "We Got Soul" by the Big Boys

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1) "Two Beads At The End"---The Minutemen

2) "No Values"---Black Flag

3) "I Hate Children"---The Adolescents

4) "I Don't Wanna Hear It"---Minor Threat (this song goes through my head randomly when people annoy me)

5) "Suburban Home"---The Descendents

6) "What Do I Get"---The Buzzcocks

7) "Born To Lose"---Johnny Thunders

8) "Straight To Hell"---The Clash

9) "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"---The Ramones

10) "Last Rockers"---Vice Squad

Videos below the fold.

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To make my bout of sentimentality worse, I spent last night at a show featuring a friend's silly, by the book punk rock. I love that shit. There's a real value in just rocking out because you can, not because you're trying to make it or anything.